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If I buy the package, do I have the commercial right to use the above artistic assets?

@hippogames the "Test" button is currently crashed, could you please update?

Yeah, I forgot to add the next scene to build) Will fix it soon, thanks!


Hi! Cool! Yes, we can create new sprites for the editor. Just contact me by email.

Where can I get your e-mail? Thanks.

Hello! We're interested in purchasing this asset. Is it also possible to contract you or your team for any additional work? Thanks!

is there an animation or image for climbing up a ladder?  (i.e. showing the characters back)

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Wanted to let you know the SpellMaster body armors aren't appearing in the web editor

Additionally, there are two swords named "KnightSword [Paint]"

Thanks, I'll fix SM armor sprites in next update. And there is no problem with duplicated names.

Won't the

spriteCollection.MeleeWeapon1H.Single(i => i.Name == name).Sprite; 

fail to ever get the second weapon?

Yep, you're right =)


So most of this art is from EatCreatures dude. Any plans to update it with more of his work?

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Hi, bro! There are no such plans as all arts are created by our artist.


Oh really? and the list goes on and on.

I suppose any artist uses references sometimes. I see no problem with it.

That's not a reference, but a pixel perfect copy :D If you are doing that, may as well include all their assets.

Are you sure?) Anyway, I think you can buy EC sprites and try to import them.

a casa caiu xD kkk

Hi, I really like your work and wanted to buy it on Unity, however the "add to cart" button is grey out and it says I have to update Unity to version 2017.3.1. I checked for update, it says it's up to date. Is 2017.3.1   a beta version? Is it possible for you to make the package available to standard versions? Thank you!

Thanks for reporting! I'll reupload it with old Unity version. For now you can get the latest Unity from here: