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Hi, How do i change the character height? I want a bit tallish character.

Hello! Could you help me!

1. I cannot auto fill the FirearmCollection like the SpriteCollection can do. For now, I have to copy FirearmCollection from the CharacterEditor scene to my new scene. But it is not the best idea because both MilitaryHeroes package and CyberpunkHeroes contain this FirearmCollection.

2. When I call Character.EquipFirearm in my script, the arm behind still moving whenever I set the Firearms1H. I think this is an issue but the CharacterEditor scene still can set the arm without this issue. How can I fix this? 

Hi! It's common case to copy FirearmCollection to your scene. I'm not sure what exactly happened in your case, so the better way is to debug and find the difference between your setup and editor scene.

Hi. In the in browser tester, the characters can only aim in 90 degrees to the right, and 90 degrees to the left. In the full version is it possible to have a character aim in 360 degrees?

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Hi! You can edit the control script (as it's just an example script), but I suppose the character will look strange with some weapon angles)

i try my two debit cards and Paypal but it didnot accept it. please any one can suggest and anyone there who can send me the assets

Can i update my pro version of the game from unity and get the update?

Hi, sure. It will be available on the Asset Store in a few days (after review).

can u please send me the assets

This PRO itens need Unity Pro Version or its just a paid version of this asset pack?

Hi! You don't need Unity Pro for all of my assets!

Bought :)