Current statepublic prototype
Release dateQ1 2018
Target platformsAndroid, iOS, Steam and WebGL
About usWe are small indie team of two. Our previous game Tap Tap Builder was succesfully released in 2016 by Herocraft.

We're making fantasy turn-based game with async multiplayer. It will also contain RPG elements and board game mechanics. Spell Masters is targeted on short PvP duels, but will also contain a story mode. The main feature is how players summon troops. You'll need to cast a spell using magic runes to summon a troops legion. Each legion has unique unit combination and formation. Player will be able to customize units with soul crystals to add unique abilities to them. After reaching a high level each unit can be transformed to a new class. By the way, unit class tree is not linear, so players will be able to improve their legions in different ways. There will inventory system allowing players to collect equipment, scrolls, potions and other loot. Some item type can be used in battle. Using online shop players will be able to exchange items and spells. We're also planning complex social integration allowing players to share their game experience and their progress across different platforms.



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When I try to sign up, I get: Cannot insert the value NULL into the column 'Profile', table 'SpellMasters.dbo.Players'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

Hi! Fixed, thanks!

Great, thanks.  Did you get a chance to read my DM?