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Fantasy Inventory System is a very simple inventory implementation based on Unity UI system. It will be a brilliant solution for any RPG maker that will save you a lot of time! Besides it comes with beautiful UI sample. 


  • Inventory & equipment view
  • Shop view
  • Drag & drop supported
  • Double click supported
  • Automatic scrolling
  • Sample sounds are included
  • Easy to integrate as simple interfaces are used
  • Easy to extend & customize
  • Ultimate performance
  • Mobile friendly
  • Compatible with Unity 2017
  • Any platform (iOS, Android, PC, TV, WebGL)
  • Quick support, so feel free to ask and request new features =)

The source code is well formatted and documented with XML comments. Besides, the source code is polished with ReSharper and is complied with Microsoft .NET guidlines. That's why it will be easy to understand for beginners looking for good code experience.

Please note, that the full version of UI as well as icon collection are not included in this package! You can visit REXARD artist page to buy full icon collection.

It would be super awesome if you rate ★★★★★ my asset and leave your feedback! Your reviews inspire me for creating and improving my assets, thanks!

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