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This is beta version of our new asset and it's still under development. A lot of new features will be added soon. You can greatly support the project by writing your reviews on the Asset Store and joining us on Discord. The more devs will be interested in Hero Editor 4D, the more resources will be allocated on its' developement. Currently we are working on adding more sprites and animations. JSON export/import also will be added soon. Please note that some features are marked as [IN PROGRESS] in the asset description.

With Fantasy Heroes: 4-Directional Character Editor you'll be able to create amazing human characters for your mobile games. Create role playing games, arcades, platformers, quests and even strategies!
This package contains the full sprite collection, character editor and all general animations. Our built-in editor will help you to customize your characters and play animations. You even don’t need to write a line of code!


● Create and customize human characters 
● Change body parts and equipment 
● Basic sprite collection 
● Full sprite collection [IN PROGRESS] 
● Create and customize human characters 
● Change body parts and equipment 
● Change body parts color 
● Mix armor parts [IN PROGRESS] 
● Face expressions [IN PROGRESS] 
● Upper and lower body animation 
● Save and load characters as prefabs 
● Save and load characters as JSON [IN PROGRESS] 
● Test Room [IN PROGRESS] 
● Sprite Sheet Maker [IN PROGRESS] 
● Ultimate performance 
● Quick support 
● Extend sprite collection with our paid bundles (available on the Asset Store) [IN PROGRESS] 
● Asset manual and script reference included [IN PROGRESS] 

Tech specs:

● Unity 2019 
● Clean C# source code with comments 
● Mobile friendly 
● Any platform (PC, Android, iOS, WebGL) 
Important notices:

● The asset contains service code loaded from DLL 
● Full version of UI is not included in this package 
● This asset will not work with MonoDevelop, please consider using Microsoft Visual Studio (select VS from Unity preferences) 
Refund policy:

● We don't accept refund requests as the Asset Store can't guarantee that asset access will be cancelled and the asset copy will be deleted from user PC. Thanks for understanding. 

● GitHub - bugs, questions, suggestions
● Discord - questions, live chat with developers

 It would be super awesome if you rate ★★★★★ my asset and leave your feedback! Your reviews inspire me for creating and improving my assets, thanks!

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